If you do not realize deja vu,

you must realize that you are the one who created deja vu

LOVE is the feeling that gives the highest happiness to a person. Called Blessing because only a few people are lucky and managed to find a deeper love, which only happens once and forever.

And if love rejects you, you must still love it without expecting anything from your beloved, and make sure that you are always there for the beloved in the form of the Best Friend and keep supporting it always until the beloved realize you are the one who is worthy of being loved by the beloved .

Falling in love is one of the most exciting, rewarding, and most frightening and joyful things we have ever done. When dreaming about a loved one, you feel his presence. you are carried away by all thoughts about it. Her face brings a happy smile on your face. You feel that he is great and your mind is drowning in his thoughts.

Once you fall in love with someone, it’s hard to remember how you live without him. Of course, you are still alive before meeting this person, but you really do not start “life” until you meet the most loved one.

Those who dare to fall in love are those who understand the meaning of a sacrifice, because in love there will always be a sacrifice we must make to make our feelings stronger and grow.

So who dares to fall in love? Who do you feel pain in heart? And can you make a sacrifice? Because perfect love, not when we are able to have our loved ones, but when we are able to understand every pain, and make a sacrifice with a smile, not with sadness.

Deja vu Love

One day you meet someone under unusual, strange nuances. The history is too short. Like a fated meeting, like you’ve been together before, this guy awakens the right emotions within you, and you begin to feel love.

You always believe that there is a reason why people come into your life. There is no coincidence. Some people stay, and Some go.

The people you think will walk with you find their own way and disappear. And strangely enough, the people we think will go, are attracted back toward you after they disappear for a while.

You rarely have an answer as to how they evolve or end. All you know is that the universe works in a mysterious way. Mysterious because every step of your life, sometimes you feel deja vu, especially in love.

Deja Vu is a spiritual sign that you are on the path you should be going through at the moment. This phrase comes from French, which means “already seen.”

You always know deja vu can happen in a dream. But you never dreamed it could happen when you meet someone in the real world.

When deja vu happens, it seems to trigger your memory of the place you have visited, someone you have seen, or the actions you have taken. Then, why do not you feel deja vu while interacting with your boyfriend?

Everyone has heard the words of love at first sight. But falling in love “at first sight” is more than just a sight. All your souls are attracted to others.

And instead of feeling like you’ve just met for the first time, you feel reunited. Maybe this feeling exists because you already know this person in another life. But once you find that person, then you will soon know that this is what it feels to have déjà vu in love.

Remember, in love you do not have to forget someone who leaves you, but just have to try to release someone to get someone else. Lose does not mean fail. But there are other opportunities that you can achieve, opportunities that fall bigger and interesting.

So, try to love perfectly, then you will get the perfection of love. Learn to love with soothness, there will be times when sadness turns into laughter beautifully.



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